Statements of Testimony: What PAW Attendees Say

“Had an amazing week of great insights into the world of machine learning and deep learning at the Predictive Analytics World Conference. I leave with lots of notes and expanded knowledge into the latest state of the art methods.”

Simon Padron
Senior Engineer – R&D
Parker Hannifin

“Great event with great people! Learned a lot. I am looking forward to bring our learnings into practice!”

Ymke de Jong
Program Lead – Data & AI

“Machine Learning Week provides a great opportunity for analytics managers and teams early on in their ML journey to learn from experienced practitioners and gain actionable insights. In addition, there is a diversity of topics and sessions from which to choose and ample time to socialize/network with attendees.”

Darin Conti
Head of Commercial Predictive Analytics
S&P Global Market Intelligence

“Machine Learning Week is the place to be if you want to learn current best practices and engage with industry leaders.”

John Crissman
Research Analyst
CNA Corporation

“I like coming to the event since it caters not just to the practitioner, but those who need to help the practitioner demonstrate the value of the analytics products.”

William Wilkins
VP, Chief Risk and Analytics Officer
Safety National Casualty Corporation

“Predictive Analytics World was excellent! The organization was phenomenal and the speakers were so interesting. Dr. Eric Siegel, the founder of PAW, is a visionary and a leader in the machine learning and predictive analytics fields. This is by far one of the best conferences. It not only brings leaders on the field together, but also offers practical hands-on with real applications in healthcare, business, manufacturing, government, and financial services.”

Anasse Bari, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
New York University

“The bottom line: the event was really good — I give it an overall grade of an A- which is (tied for) the best grade I’ve ever given to any conference.”

James McCaffrey
Senior Scientist Engineer

“I have been to a lot of conferences with analytic themes; this one had the best mix of technical and managerial content.”

William Wilkins
Chief Risk and Predictive Analytics Officer
Safety National Casualty Corporation

“I never considered introducing decision-first thinking to analytics projects until this conference.”

Courtney Williams
Business Analytics Consultant
PNC Bank

“An excellent conference with high-quality speakers, the right companies partnered, and overall a very knowledgable experience.”

Rainish Lalai
Senior Analytics Specialist
Etihad Airways (Abu Dhabi)

“The training alone is worth the price of admission. When the presenters during such training allow you to code while the training session is in action, it is best of all.”

Michael Hicks
Sr. Dir. Advanced Analytics
Novo Nordisk Inc.

“PAW serves as good barometer for the constantly shifting analytics world.”

Mouad Seridi
Senior Data Scientist
PAW Healthcare attendee

“PAW is a must-go analytics conference for data scientists at any level for learning new technologies, trends, practices, and valuable networking!”

Sol Baek
Data Scientist II
Healthnow NY
PAW Healthcare attendee

“A great opportunity to learn from cross-industry experts, organized by a highly motivated team at an astonishing location.”

Martin Elstner
Expert Chemoinformatics
Covestro AG
PAW Healthcare attendee

“Attending PAW Healthcare gave me a broad look at the challenges of analytics in healthcare and the best practices today.”

Ivo Christov
Contract Performance Manager
PAW Healthcare attendee

“This conference was extremely informative and provided me with valuable information that I can use immediately to make a my projects a success.”

Carlos Martinez
Innate Intelligence, Inc.

“Attending Mega PAW 2018 has been both insightful and motivational for me to become a better Data Scientist. I really enjoyed the sessions and conversions with industry leaders like John Elder as well the networking with peers trying to solve similar problems.”

Radu Ionescu
Manager, Business Intelligence
Ultimate Medical Academy

“I left PAW with new knowledge and tools that immediately added value to my business.”

Lucas Johnson
Manager, Business Intelligence

“Very practical, neutral across vendors, and good for practitioners.”

Yonetaro Kawada
Data Analytics Expert
ABeam Consulting (Japan)

“The most practical conference on machine learning.”

Ricardo Molero
Head of Analytics
Ponto Futuro Consultoria

“The PAW conference is indeed one of the best places to meet, discuss, and learn from predictive analytics/machine learning experts across different industries!”

Mei Najim
Advanced Analytics Consulting Services

“The presentations are only a fortunate byproduct; the real treasure is all of the people and conversations that happen during the coffee breaks.”

Richard Lee (PAW Financial attendee)
Manager of Operations Reporting Consistency
John Hancock

“I like how open the presenters are in terms of sharing what their companies are doing and how they got there. This openness makes it easier to relate to my own business problems and gives me plenty of good ideas to try out.”

Alexis Woodley
Business Insights Specialist
Pella Corporation

“Practical and with a helpful variety of vertical industry examples. The speakers were the top people in predictive analytics.”

William Yarberry
Principal Consultant
ICCM Consulting

“PAW Business was a great conference. I really enjoyed the presentations and getting to talk with data scientist from across America and from many different fields.”

Dovid Burns
Marketing Data Analyst
B&H Photo

“An excellent opportunity to improve your network and access new cases and others’ experiences.”

Dorival Dourado
Managing Director
AF Partners

“The Predictive Analytics World conference series is a great conference where the latest practical applications of Predictive Analytics are being presented and several hands-on workshops are being offered.”

Anasse Bari, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Science
New York University

“PAW has been worth the investment. I’ve learned many new real world opportunities that I can bring back to my company. The speakers have provided me with new ideas that will help take our analytics group to the next level.”

Will Lindsey
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

“I’m happy we have a conference like Predictive Analytics World – where practitioners like myself can meet other professionals and learn all the latest and greatest. It’s a go-to resource and I often attend – hats off to this conference’s producers!”

Indu Sriram
Digital Marketing Analytics Manager

“A fantastic conference bringing together predictive analytics experts from many different industries and backgrounds. Designed to deliver cutting-edge applications in short, easy-to-understand presentations.”

Tim McKenna
Manager, Financial Analysis
Southern Graphic Systems

“Just do it! Everybody is doing it! I attended PAWSF 2016 and I come back with many new contacts, new friends, and more knowledgeable.”

Allison Gonzalez
Decision Science Analyst

“A 360 degree event – great for anyone who wants to know where data analytics is at and where it’s going.”

Jason King
Principal Scientist
Procter and Gamble

“My third time traveling from Australia to attend PAW and every time I leave with a stack of new contacts and up-to-date insights related to predictive analytics. Highly recommended for both technical and business stakeholders.”

Andy Gray
Data Assets Product Manager
Deloitte Australia

“Great two days with learning, exposure to technology, trends, challenges, key players and business opportunities for partnering.”

Company G-Stat

“The quickest way to go from Mind to Market.”

Rajagopalan C
Senior Engineer
General Electric

“I think PAW is the only known forum globally which provides access to wealth of knowledge and experts/practitioners, truly an ambassador of predictive analytics, delivering on the promise of big data.”

Imad Uddin Chishti
Head of Systems & Risk
Telenor Pakistan

“The emphasis on practical application of analytics to real world business problems and decision making is just right! The importance of defining a problem and designing the analytics strategy to provide information that is actionable is often overlooked or under emphasized at other conferences. “


“This conference enabled me to explore and understand how predictive analytics is being used in various industries and that enabled me to start considering the use in my industry.”

Travis Jackson
Business Development
Valley Behavioral Health

“The conference included a diverse group of exceptionally qualified presenters and practioners.”

Mike Nicholaou
Academic Healthcare Consultant
CBO Partners

“I have never attended a better conference, for networking purposes.”

Mike Williamson
University of the Pacific

“Predictive Analytics World is one of the best analytics conferences I have attended. It provides rich analytics content and topics (and is very well run).”

Bin Mu
VP, Data Science

“Talks like those given by John Elder, Jack Levis, and Sameer Chopra make investing one’s time in the Predictive Analytics World conference more than worthwhile.”

Benjamin T Lindsay
Associate Research Analyst
Service Management Group

“Gained great insights from Predictive Analytics World. Thanks for putting together such a great conference.”

Anjali Arora
Sr Retention Analyst
Constant Contact

“Predictive Analytics World is a hotbed of the best data scientists in the world where you get to see the state of the art application of the technologies.”

Kleber Gallardo
Alivia Technology

“If you are a data science practitioner, or a manager, Predictive Analytics World has something essential for you!”

Viswanath “Sri” Srikanth
Program Manager, Analytics, Digital Strategy & Enablement

“PAWerful information gained… now I simply need to prioritize my new projects!”

Edward Krueger
Senior Credit Analyst
Bluestem Brands

“Not a single talk at PAW Healthcare was irrelevant to what I do. Excellent Work!”

Daniel Chertok
Senior Data Scientist
NorthShore University HealthSystem

“All the speakers were great and the content was extremely insightful.”

Bilal Lodhi
Snr Specialist, Advance Analytics Group
Bain & Company, Inc.

“Attend this conference for great actionable insights for Predictive Analytics professionals.”

Kyle Herrman
Manager, Quality Systems
Nestle Purina PetCare

“The sessions were extremely substantive and the speakers authoritative. [PAW] was head-and-shoulders above most other business conferences I’ve attended.”

Chris Farrar
VP data analytics and global account strategies
Docomo interTouch

“Well worth the cost! I had my eyes opened to new ideas every day!”

Scott Barrett
Sr. Data Architect

“Great job from all speakers! Will definitely be back next year!”

Ben Tang

“Predictive Analytics World does an excellent job of bringing together the cutting edge of anlytics innovation along with clear case studies detailing real world analytics applications.”

Mike Spadafore
Industry Principal, Automotive




“Great conference! The Uplift Modeling methodology was clearly explained, and is applicable to so many areas — PAW is an important vehicle for highlighting this important methodology. It has the potential to radically improve a number of areas. The examples for applying this to healthcare improvement were great to see.”

Karl Rexer
Rexer Analytics



“Another solid keynote from Eric Siegel”

Tom Kern

“I was energized by the presentations at PAW and inspired to look at my own analytics challenges and objectives in a new light. My thanks to Eric Siegel and his team for putting together a strong line-up of speakers from diverse industries and government.

Tyna Chua
Social Media Manager

“A Insightful and enriching conference. Great actionable tips from the experts to start up predictive analytics. Certainly worth the time to be here.”

Cass Chay
Snr Manager
Singapore General Hospital

“Predictive Analytics World brings vast experience from different
industries. Learn a lot of business insights and modeling techniques.”

Shiv Patil
Sr Data Warehouse Architect
NetApp Inc

“First time attending. Excellent conference! Great opportunity to enhance technical skills and ascertain industry trends. I felt immersed in an estuary of professionals applying analytics to numerous applications.”

Paul Mlakar Jr
GrayPoint Industries

“Predictive analytics world is a great opportunity to get the best practices to combine art and science, improving the decision making processes.”

Onesimo Urgel
Business Analytics Director
Grupo Bimbo (Mexico)

“2013 Predictive Analytics World was the first conference I have attended. I learned a great deal of information and best practices to which I will be able to apply to my own work. I will definitely be recommending this conference to others in my industry.

Thomas Benton
Web Analytics Co-Op
Axcess Financial

“This vendor neutral conference always gives me tangible ideas I can put to work right away.”

Greg Hayworth
Data Analytics Scientist

“Predictive Analytics World is an excellent investment. You will pick up practical tips and techniques from practitioners and learn how ‘analytics is done right’ from those on the leading edge. It’s great to network with people from many different backgrounds and learn about their approaches (and challenges) to tackling the Big Data problem.”

Manu Ravichandran
National Instruments

“The Predictive Analytics World conference definitely furthered my knowledge and sent me back to work with new ideas to play with. It was great to hear from some of the most prominent minds in the field and to be able to pick their brains and hopefully learn from the successes and mistakes they shared.”

Alison Brookman
Revenue Analyst
Scout Analytics

“PAWCON offers analytics practitioners a forward looking perspective of the impact predictive technologies will have on people, processes and business outcomes.”

Mike Kennedy
Technical Evangelist
Talent Analytics, Corp.

“If data science is the sexiest job of the XXI century PAW is a sexy place to be.”

Emiliano Pasqualetti
DomainsBot Inc.

“Predictive Analytics World provided the opportunity to learn relevant, leading approaches from a myriad of industries and functions.”

Greta Roberts
Talent Analytics

“People who are in analytics must join Predictive Analytics World and see the state of the art projects.”

Burak Buyuktombak
Solution Architect
Avea Telecommunication Services, Turkey

“Predictive Analytics World did a great job keeping up with the trends in Predictive Modeling. There were also plenty of opportunities to learn about the most valuable resources available to data scientists.”

Conor Sontag
Modeling and Analytics Director
Marketing Evolution

“Great speakers, interesting content, and great networking. PAW conferences are among my favorite analytic events!”

Karl Rexer, PhD
Rexer Analytics

“This conference exposed me to real practitioners and how they are making impact on their business using Predictive Analytics technologies.”

Sid Panjwani
Association Director
Moody’s Analytics

“Predictive Analytics World is a great place to learn specifics on how other companies are using predictive modeling.”

Peter Bruce

“Predictive Analytics World in Chicago provided an excellent opportunity to network with peers, learn from hands-on user presentations and meet some of the top vendors in this industry.”

John Hassman
Director, Marketing Analytics
United Stationers, Inc.

“Having spoken at Predictive Analytics World in London and Chicago, I recommend this conference for any level of interest in predictive or data science. The organizers and topics provide applied knowledge, and the optional training provides conceptual foundation. This conference series is great for networking too.”

Mark Tabladillo
Data Mining Architect

“The PAW conferences are the “hottest thing going” in the Predictive Analytic field. PAW consistently searches out the “crest of the wave” in how PA is being used, or about to be used in new areas and gets people from these fields to present at the meetings. EXCELLENT! The Entire PAW crew and Rising Media “customer sensitive” and listen to what is needed to allow all people to “put their best foot forward”!”

Gary D. Miner, Ph.D.,
Senior Statistical & Data Mining Consultant
StatSoft, Inc.

“This is the best conference for predictive analytic modelers.”

David Mould
Predictive Analytics Scientist

“Hands down, best applied analytics conference I have ever attended. Great
exposure to cutting-edge predictive techniques and I was able to turn around
and apply some of those learnings to my work immediately. I’ve never been
able to say that after any conference I’ve attended before!”

Jon Francis
Senior Statistician

“The advantage of Predictive Analytics World to other conferences is that
it’s sponsor-neutral, thereby most of the effort goes into the promotion of
various data mining techniques and not to a specific software.”

Mehran Azhar
Senior Marketing Analyst
WW Grainger

“Predictive Analytics World is one of the premier concentrations of
industry vendors and practitioners each year; this rare opportunity to
learn from and network with colleagues at this scale shouldn’t be missed.”

Patrick McCann
Senior Data Scientist

“Go for the classes, stay for the conference.”

Kirk Mettler
Big Computing

“PA conference presented and discussed an extensive continum of state of
the art high-tech predictive analytics algorithms.”

Teymoor Rashid
Director, Predictive Analytics

“If you want to know how the top practitioners and companies drive impact
in business through Predictive Analytics, come to PAW!! No theory, just

Piyanka Jain

“Thank you for putting on a great conference at Predictive Analytics World.
I’m a relatively new convert to the world of predictive analytics and to
see the applications and possibilities that they present – as well as the
excellent workshop led by Dr. Elder – fills me with great enthusiasm and
ideas for the development of it within my company and the positive impacts
it will have on our clients.”

Sean Liddle
Senior Analyst
Deloitte Analytics

“This event brought together all people involved with predictive analytics: analysts, consultants, corporate clients, software and hardware vendors. All participants shared their views on what is hot in Predictive Analytics World, both through thought-stimulating talks and rich, prolific networking. With its focus on innovation in methodology, applications and implementation, the event met the highest expectations and provided a rewarding experience for all participants.”

Marianna Dizik
Google Inc.

“I came to PAW because it provides case studies relevant to my
industry. It has lived up to the expectation and I think it’s the best
analytics conference I’ve ever attended!”

Shaohua Zhang
Senior Data Mining Analyst
Rogers Telecommunications

“If you want to find out the latest advances in the field, what others are doing and how you can improve the analytics decisions in your company, this is the place to be.”

Donald Blanchard
Manager of Strategy and Insights

“If you want to unlock the power of predictive analytics in financial services, this event is a must!”

Steven Ramirez
Beyond the Arc, Inc.

“This was a unique event, a powerhouse meeting of some of the finest minds
in the Predictive Analytics industry. Unmissable.”

Tom Khabaza
Predictive Analytics Consultant, U.K.

“For someone with very little knowledge of data mining/predictive
analytics coming into the conference, PAW was of immense value to
understand the direction the industry is headed and the value-add with
using these techniques.”

Vinod Damodaran
VP Engineering
Information Resource Inc (IRI)

“I am a practitioner of data analytics. I have participated many
academia centric conferences before, but I was not happy with the
content. Predictive Analytics World is all about real life business
application and the well-selected speakers really talked about how to
solve the problems. It was truly helpful and was really exciting. If I
were to choose one conference in the future, I choose PAW.”

Munenori Kajiwara
Kajiwara IT Consulting Inc

“I found this year’s [2011] Predictive Analytics World to be such an
interesting show… the attendees were thrilled to learn about the actual
applications and their impact on business… this year’s Predictive
Analytics World offered technical experts a way to communicate the
usefulness of their activity to other professionals.”

Rado Kotorov
Dir. Strategic Product Management & Competitive Strategy
Information Builders
As stated in his blog

“PAW has enabled our further validation and pursuit for creating more
meaningful correlations between Social Media behavioral data and other KPIs.
I was really excited about the quality of content and the perspective shared
by the speakers. I felt like a kid in a candy store with access to so many
great minds in one place with such a willingness to share their

Leo Linder
Managing Partner, Socialscape

“I’m really blown away by the quality of the presentations and presenters…
conference is setting new standards!”

Jos van Dongen
Associate & Principal
DeltIQ Group, The Netherlands

“I have been impressed at the quality of the talks at the PAW shows I’ve
attended. Most speakers give a talk from a practitioners viewpoint aimed at
other practitioners. There is not much in the way of high level introductory
talks that would be too easy for the audience. Also there is not much in the
way of very deep, technical research talks that wouldn’t be applicable to
what the audience does day to day. PAW has been able to get a really good
mix of content… I’ve seen a lot of shows that totally miss the mark.
Predictive Analytics World is not one of them.”

Bill Franks
Chief Analytics Officer
As stated in this blog interview

“Attending the Predictive Analytics World Conference is truly a rewarding experience… such an interesting cast of case studies and speakers.”

Tapan Patel
sascom voices
As stated in his blog

“Cutting costs using predictive analytics is not science fiction; PAW showed
us the path – top companies demonstrated reality.”

Santhosh Kumar Shanmugam

“PAW offers the rare chance to discuss challenges in customer analytics
with international professionals and thought leaders. Thanks to its
business-focus, it is a great place to share experiences from on- and
offline projects.”

Stephan Koch
Senior Cosultant
Proximity Consulting


“I felt that PAW was one-of-a-kind. Typically any type of thought leadership conference might be 90% generalized or theoretical sessions, whereas PAW was almost all strategic/tactical sessions. It is the only conference I have attended thus far that has challenged me to take my strategic and analytical thinking to the next level. I think that is the value.

It is easy in this field to be in a situation where your team needs to be its own catalyst for change/forward momentum/thought leadership, and this conference provided that. If you are looking to lead your organization to the next level analytically, PAW will give the best return on time and investment.

Personally, I will be hiring 1-2 analysts this year to support my team and will plan on taking all of us to the conference next year.”


Jared Vestal
Director of Marketing Analytics

“The value my client would gain compared to the registration fee approaches infinity – all from two speakers… I am glad I went to the conference in DC and will send someone from my team to the next one if I can’t make it.”

Ciju Nair
Strategy & Analytics Associate Director
Starcom MediaVest Group

“A great conference. Everything is perfectly organized. It is nice to see many well-known data miners.”

Jiang Zhou
Chief Scientist and President
Business Data Miners

“This is the conference to attend for anyone using predictive models, considering a related project or interested in the value that predictive analytics can bring to their business”

Michael Zeller

“An excellent conference… The attendees are analytically savvy and are using a variety of approaches to deliver value to organizations. It was a very invigorating couple of days!”

Tammi Kay George
Analytics Product Marketing Manager
As stated in her blog

“Predictive Analytics World… brought experts together to discuss the business potential of predictive analytics inside larger trends in marketing and process optimization.”

David Stodder
Editor at Large
Intelligent Enterprise (InformationWeek)
As stated in his blog

“PAW was a great conference. Nearly every session/workshop I attended was full of either ‘how-to’s’ or very relevant case studies facts.”

Paul B. Felix
Senior Consultant

“Predictive Analytics World has shown me how companies are generating positive ROI from a range of predictive analytics application – I really enjoyed it!”

Dipankar Sengupta
Tranzxn, Inc.

“Predictive Analytics World was probably the best analytics conference I have attended, from a knowledge point of view, in a long time…[and] turned into my new must-go-to conference.”

Dennis R. Mortensen
Director of Data Insights
As stated in his blog

“Despite limited modeling experience, I was able to draw parallels between speakers in various industries and the types of analysis we do at uShip. Everyone seemed excited to be attending despite the economy. We left San Francisco with a long list of actionable items-can’t wait to see what’s on tap for next year!”

Michael C. Foroobar
Sr. Associate – Strategy, Reporting, and Analytics

“PAW covers real-world challenges and applications of predictive analytics with the right mix of business and technology orientation. It is full of real-world case studies across diverse industries.”

Dr Khosrow Hassibii Ph.D.
Senior Technical Director

“PAW is now on my short list for confs. As it directly focuses on predictive analytics & how they can solve business problems.”

Randy Erdahl
Decision Intelligence

“This is the Analytical Conference for real analysts and I’m planning to recommend it to my colleagues.”

Stephen Yu
VP Database Strategies
infoUSA National Account Division

“Predictive Analytics World… was very successful… the density of
interesting people on both sides of the podium was higher than at some
larger conferences. One of the high points for me was a panel discussion on
consumer privacy issues.”

Michael Berry
Founder and Principal
Data Miners, Inc.
As stated in his blog

“PAW opened my eyes to the world of analytics and did a great job of explaining the power, uses and need for analytics within all facets of business. I look forward to attending next year!

I got to ask question after question of successful practitioners. Speakers were very giving of their time.”

“PAW has emerged as the best cross-vendor event for predictive analytics.”

“The courses [pre- and post-conference workshops] surrounding the actual
conference were fabulous.”

“If you thought PAW was just for the statisticians, think again. Any role
that stands to gain from reducing enterprise risk should attend.”

“Predictive Analytics World is an excellent place for organization using or
considering using analytics to drive real business change.”

“Attending PAW helped me understand how to make analytics work better in my

“Because most of the PAW talks were business-centric, almost every one
contained some take-home message for our company. Some of the [other] more
technical conferences are so niche specific and technically motivated that
unless their data and methods match up exactly with ours, most of the talks
end up being worthless.”

“Thank you for keeping a full, robust schedule from morning to night.”

“The conference provided a good venue for collaboration and networking with commercial application
providers and practitioners in the public sector.”

View video testimonials from a prior PAW event here

“PAW is actionable!”

99% of attendees responding to the conference survey indicated the knowledge they gained at Predictive Analytics World is actionable.

What Participants Liked Best:

  • Learning about tools that we don’t currently use.
  • Speed, dense content, not repetitive.
  • Making connections with others facing the same challenges and learning from leaders in the software and techniques that will help my company overcome them.
  • Exposure to new ideas and new techniques
  • Interesting speakers that provided valuable messages. Focus on making analytics work within an organization. The 2-minute elevator pitch session was a good idea.
  • Nice variety of subjects – I did like the 2 minute commercials to get a quick view on vendors.
  • Great topics! Lots to think about and to try to implement back at my company.
  • Balance of technical and business content across both days.
  • Customer-driven case study sessions.
  • Networking opportunities; excellent keynote speakers.
  • Presence of thought leaders.
  • Availability of presentations post-conference – these will be important references.
  • High level of expertise, great speakers, use cases + best practices.
  • Experts from various analytical backgrounds in one place; good networking.
  • Interesting range of topics, especially the practitioners who presented personal case studies.
  • I liked hearing and seeing all the different techniques being used and also the broad trends in the industry.
  • Quality of presentations.
  • Specific topic talks that gave me real ideas to take back to my job and implement.
  • Pace, schedule, overall atmosphere, people.
  • Variety, applicable industries.
  • Audience/content. Fills a niche where needed; exposure to data/tools/practices is valuable.
  • That it appealed to all levels.
  • Sharing analytics knowledge and real-life experience implementation.
  • Learning about new predictive analytics methods.
  • First the website, agenda and operations were very good. Second, a good mix of practitioner-level and stakeholder-level content.
  • Small enough to cover but large enough to provide interest and quality.
  • That the conference wanted to talk to practice and application of predictive analytics.
  • Gave me a good sense of how and why people are using predictive analytics in the industry.
  • There were a variety of presenters with good business cases.
  • Success stories – “proof points” shared that reflect benefits and $$ saved using predictive analytics.
  • Dr. John Elder’s [plenary] talk.
  • Presentations by Dr. John Elder, Kim Larsen and Dean Abbott.
  • Quality, expertise of leadership and presenters. Thanks for the [birds-of-a-feather] lunch sessions. Appreciate the robust schedule; no fluff.
  • 1) Diversity of the case studies. 2) Focus on the trends and “buzz”. 3) Well-known, experienced speakers. 4) I like the way Predictive Analytics World focuses on Application rather than algorithms.
  • Sessions with insight to methods employed as well as solution to business problems.
  • Practical presentations with new ideas I can use.
  • The 1-day hands-on pre-conference workshop.
  • The variety of content.
  • Networking, talking to other practitioners.
  • The interaction and availability of speakers.
  • The highest density of interesting people of any conference I’ve attended recently.
  • The ability to network and learn from other industry practitioners… [I]
    particularly enjoyed the case study approach.
  • I enjoyed the tips for implementing analytics in a professional setting.
  • Excellent insights from different industries… I like the openness of
    participants to discuss and share ideas. Lots of that here.
  • Good intro to what’s possible, what people are doing. As a newcomer it was very helpful to see the landscape.
  • Brilliant keynote speakers. Relaxed and open attitude.
  • Excellent mixture of topics.
  • Solid content.
  • A lot of case studies.
  • I met a lot of good people and found numerous similarities in our work.
  • Perfect mix between high level presentations and technical presentations, variety of speakers,quality of speakers.
  • Practical focus on implementing Data Mining for improved business outcome/decisions/benefits.
  • Audience participation. Good balance between traditional & new applications.
  • Not just focused on math or technology.
  • To listen to how others do their models, learn from others, share challenges. Networking. Panel discussions, talks by Dr. Weigend, uplift modelity.
  • Very focused, not a typical DM/Database Mining conference. High quality presenters, diverse industry represented.
  • Good variety ,modeling, adoption, impact culture, change organization.
  • Case studies (but keep them unique)
  • Cross discipline.
  • Only conf. For PA applications.
  • Networking, pace of presentations, diversity of applications.
  • Cross industry contacts.
  • Speakers were very good. Turnout of practitioners of pa was high.
  • Case studies/ability to see approaches from multiple industries.
  • Being able to take away comprehensive overview of the state of PA.
  • PAW was successful in bringing together cross-industry professionals and
    practitioners from the world of predictive analytics. It was a great venue
    for networking, learning, and sharing!
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