Nephi Walton


Associate Medical Director


Intermountain Healthcare


Dr. Nephi Walton is a biomedical informaticist and clinical geneticist with experience in machine learning and genomics. He had led several research initiatives in genomics and informatics at Geisinger prior to joining Intermountain Healthcare. At Geisinger he successfully completed a pilot integration of genomics data into the EPIC electronic health record system for both pharmacogenomics and CDC tier one genetic conditions. He currently serves as the Associate Medical Director of Intermountain Precision Genomics where he leads the HerediGene Genomic Sequencing Return of Results program. He also serves as the Associate Medical Director of Intermountain’s sequencing laboratory.  He is the Chair of Genomics and Translational Bioinformatics for the American Medical Informatics Association and has presented at several meetings on translating the use of genomics into general medical practice, something he is actively pursuing at Intermountain Healthcare.

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