Martin Musiol


Generative AI Expert



Long before the buzz surrounding Generative AI emerged, Martin Musiol already advocated for its significance in 2016. Since then, he has frequently appeared at conferences, podcasts, and panel discussions, addressing the technological advancements, practical applications, and ethical considerations surrounding Generative AI, Autonomous AI Agents, and Artificial General Intelligence.

In 2018, Martin Musiol founded There, he lectured to over 10,000 students on AI and published the newsletter ‘Generative AI: Short & Sweet,’ reaching over 43,000 subscribers. Additionally, he authored “Generative AI – Navigating the Course to the Artificial General Intelligence Future,” published by Wiley.

As the GenAI Lead for EMEA at Infosys Consulting (formerly IBM), Martin Musiol assisted companies globally in harnessing the power of Generative AI, especially LLMs, to gain a competitive advantage.

Now, he is building AI Agents that take over software engineering tasks.

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