Chet Phelps


Chief Information Officer


Health Solutions


Chet Phelps is an experienced and dynamic professional with 26 years of progressive expertise in Health Care Information Technology. Demonstrating leadership for 16 years and serving eight years in senior leadership roles, Chet excels in both team-oriented and independent settings to ensure the smooth functioning of technical operations. Thriving under pressure in deadline-driven environments, Chet has successfully built relationships and earned trust through dedication, shared experiences, and the successful completion of tasks.

Other highlights include:

  • Successfully noted and rectified $5M+ in services trapped in a billing system without invoicing; after submitting them for payment, received the funds which contributed to growth of the company, which now operates at a $50M annual scale
  • Guided the build of a fully operational data warehouse, followed by implementation of the self-service Cognos analytics platform in subsequent years; in the most recent year, initiated the company’s first AI/ML/Predictive Analytics project
  • Supervised creation of a custom clinical supervision tool, refining processes for 450+ staff; led to the tool being honored with the CBHC Golden Abacus Award in September 2023
  • Produced a Performance Measures Dashboard, a multifaceted report with sub-reports that proved vital to assessing the company’s performance against contractual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and impacting bonus payments; received the CBHC Golden Abacus Award in October 2018 for these efforts
  • Spearheaded the 2022 AI/ML/Predictive Analytics Project to address No Show Appointments; saw this project yield significant cost savings with $330K saved due to kept or rescheduled appointment

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