William Komp

Three Data Science Solutions Inspired by Physics


Wednesday, June 21, 2023


3:30 pm


Red Rock Ballroom A


The Data-verse is an ever expanding space. It is the task of data science to explore the fundamentals of this space. The tools and techniques being employed are having incredible impact across many different business verticals. One interesting area of exploration is to take concepts  from Physics and apply them to data science problems. Physics at its essence focuses on reducing the complex physical world into a set of fundamental laws or axioms that govern it. In this talk, I will explore examples from 3 different business use cases where Physics served as inspiration in solving complex problems. The first example comes from marketing and product recommendations and adopts the concept of time dilation from relativity to solve a low recommendation problem. The second comes from IOT GPS transportation devices and uses the concept of spacetime and equivalence classes to characterize motion behavior. The last concept comes from logistics and developing an estimated time of arrival model using a Gradient Boosting Regressor. This focuses on using a predictive motion for model convergence.

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