Lunch & Learn: GenAI Assisted Feature Engineering


Thursday, June 6, 2024


12:05 pm


Phoenix Ballroom D


In this workshop, Sergey Yurgenson, FeatureByte’s Head of Data Science and Kaggle Grandmaster, will lead attendees through an exploration of the fusion of human ingenuity and AI prowess in feature engineering. The session offers a hands-on demonstration of FeatureByte’s platform, showcasing a feature engineering use case and the transformative potential of GenAI Copilots. Attendees will see how AI augmentation accelerates feature ideation, comparing traditional human-only methods with GenAI-assisted approaches.

Through interactive engagement, participants will gain practical insights into optimizing feature selection and extraction with AI. Attendees will also receive complimentary trial access to FeatureByte’s platform for direct experimentation, enhancing their understanding of the discussed concepts. Join us to discover how GenAI-assisted feature engineering is reshaping data science, providing actionable techniques to amplify your data-driven insights.

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