How Top5 Pharma Latam Captured Double-Digit Growth with ML and Analytics


Friday, June 7, 2024


10:05 am


This case study presents how Sanofi, a Global Top5 Pharma, bolstered its sales in LatAm with leads scoring and a recommendation model.

The Top5 Pharma Latin America was facing challenges to capture market share and increase sales force efficiency. The company decided to address this important challenge using analytics, which proved to be a successful approach. There were three main pitfalls to successfully pursue this agenda: their vision of analytics was highly technical, lacking business insights; the data lake was not fully operational; and data was siloed, spread out and with questionable quality.

The approach taken was to let the Business Challenge drive the team and the evolution on the technical side. To this end, the project analytically redesigned the daily agenda of sales reps, focusing on improving the relationship quality with physicians (who compose the main channel for market share capture in the industry). The team combined techniques, using regression and unsupervised learning, to structure the recommendation model (NBA). A second approach was a Lead Scoring model built with oversampling techniques and random forests.

In parallel, the analytics tech operation was evolved by structuring the data lake architecture and governance (real-time quality control on integration, data catalog implementation, etc.) and conducting new data sources integration to enable the use cases build. With business, data and tech on track, the team conducted the evolutionary backlog of both new business use cases, as well as lake and data sources modernization and integration.

The results were impressive: double digit prescription share growth in the target areas on the business side and data much more ready to use for the science and engineering teams.

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