Decoding Paradoxes: Unraveling the Impact of Cognitive Fallacies on AI Decision-Making


Friday, June 7, 2024


4:05 pm


Phoenix Ballroom B


Explore the intersection of logic and AI in “Decoding Paradoxes.” Learn how fallacies like the Streetlight Effect and Survivorship Bias influence AI decision-making and algorithmic biases. Discover how these paradoxes affect AI development and deployment. Join us to deepen your understanding of AI’s future. Topics include:

  • Cognitive fallacies that often lead to biased models and flawed decision-making
  • Strategies for training models to recognize and mitigate the influence of fallacies
  • The challenges in interpreting machine learning models affected by fallacies and methods to enhance model transparency
  • The ethical dimensions of cognitive fallacies in ML
  • Real-world case studies and examples where cognitive fallacies have played a significant role.

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